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From September until December 1978


Mid-December, we begin the first review of the year. It’s mandatory to pass the examination, as our candidature to become NCO would be cancelled if we do not pass the tests.
There are no failures in Saffraanberg !
The number of candidates is reduced by 50% after this first selection. In our class only one candidate will have to leave despite his efforts… 
For the 5 others, it’s a flawless process. We are all sure to go on until the end of year review ; we are commissioned to the rank of Corporal.

The pictures below were taken after the examinations around December 22, the last day before the Christmas break. A first part of the school books are taken away from the class rooms, we relax with friends of the neighbour rooms, the guys from the A2C-78-10F class. 

The A2C-78-10F is our equivalent, but they're specialised in aircraft electronics. They are in the neighbour room in bloc 41, 2 of them sharing our room. (Alain Taelman and Pascal Meunier).

The class A2C-78-12F

A few friends from the 10F (A2C-78-10F)

  • On the first above picture, from left to right
    • Sdt BOGAERT Rudy
    • Sdt MEUNIER Pascal
    • Sdt ADAM Gérard
    • Sdt GILSON Jean-Luc
    • Sdt TAELMAN Alain


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