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Two weeks passed


 Friday 15th of september 1978.


Two weeks passed since we joined the Technical School.
Two weeks without going back home ; actually, we spent our first week-end to the infirmary where a mass vaccination was scheduled.

On September 15, the Technical School opens its doors to the public again for the school’s fair. The parents and friend are invited to come and see the changes, we have undergone after only two weeks in a military school. 

When talking about a military school, everybody thinks rigor, respect and discipline. These are the principles, we had most difficulties to cope with at the beginning of our training, but they quickly become part of our daily live. 

How could you imagine working on an aircraft without a minimum of discipline, and how to live your live without a minimum of rigor and respect…. These few principles, so difficult to respect in the beginning, will become our greatest allies in our professional live.


September 15 – The fair of the school  


  • Picture Saff78-09-04 : The Cpn Kaczmar, CO of the 2nd Squadron (Flagship)
  Left Center Right
Row 1 1SM Ceulemans Capt Kaczmar ---
Row 2 Cpl Dupont José --- Cpl Buffet Michel.

Here I am with André LEVEQUE, a student of the A2C-78-10F class (Electronics).
The uniform is the Battle Dress. Note the white stripes on the shoulder pads identifying the CSOC (NCO Candidates - Candidat Sous-Officier de Carrière).

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