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These few words to welcome you to my website.

This website is not a site about myself, but rather a site browsing the ten years I spent in the Belgian Air Force as an NCO career technician.
I was based for 10 years at the 1st All Weather Fighter Wing of Beauvechain, as an engine specialist on an aircraft who has left his mark on its era, and stills marks its time : the General Dynamics F-16 ( Now Lockheed Martin).

I would like to honour the Air Force, that has been an excellent school, as well as from a technical point of view and the people that it allowed me to meet ; people with whom I had memorable times, at work as well as during our leisure hours. Several of them will most probably recognize themselves in the different articles and pictures that I've taken during my ten years of service.

Unfortunately, since the time I left the 1Wing in December 1988, some of our friends and colleagues are gone, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy to see them on some of the pictures published on this website.   

Most of the presented pictures, especially the ones illustrating the period from 1979 until 1989, are unpublished and have been taken using an Olympus OM1, a reflex camera in 24x36 format dated 1976. Nobody was talking about digital reflex cameras at the time.

The website contains a small foreword, where you’ll find the index of this picture book.
The rest will be divided in different chapters representing my career year to year from my enrolment until my departure to new horizons at the end of 1988.

An important section is also devoted to the 1Wing history, starting in Octobre 1946 with the return of the 350 & 349 squadrons from Fassberg and ending with my arrival at Beauvechain in Septembre 1979.

This section currently represents the bulk of

I wish you a pleasant visit.




Serge Bonfond.




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